In 1992 I founded Aviva Publishing as a way to publish my own books. Since my topic was targeted to a very specific niche market, traditional publishers weren’t interested in taking the chance to publish my books. So I decided to do it for myself, and to date, I’ve self-published 10 books (and four books traditionally published).

Over the years, with the help of some very special people, namely, book writing coaches, Patrick Snow, Christine Gail, ghost writers, Kevin Johns, and Toni Robino, Aviva Publishing has grown exponentially.

For over 20 years now we have helped over 250 authors with their publishing needs.

In the book publishing industry, Aviva Publishing is known as a “hybrid publisher.” This means that we publish books at the author’s expense, and the author holds 100 percent of the “rights” and profit to their book.

Once a book is written, the journey has only just begun.  Because, there are still many steps involved in bringing the book to market, our job is to help make that process as easy, simple, and painless as possible for you, the author.

Call me today to discuss your book, and find out if we’re a good fit for your publishing needs.

Susan Friedman, CSP
Founder, international best-selling author, and speaker
Phone: 518-523-1320


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