Susan gave me more valuable marketing tips and strategies than I would have ever imagined! Her ability to listen and create a Cliff Notes version of where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there – is practical and refreshing.  Susan has the experience, expertise and marketing excellence to take your brand to the next level. I highly recommend her for her ability to help you get clear, save time and money, and move forward by leaps and bounds.

Robin Samora, Small Business Marketing/PR expert
avatarMy book is of higher quality and greater marketability because of the work done by Aviva Published.  Additionally, their book marketing advice and actions then helped the book become a big success.  Thank you Aviva!  I strongly recommend them to everyone.

Eric Bloom, Bestselling Author of Ofiice Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom
Office Influence
avatarSusan's mentoring propelled me from having a book trapped in my computer to putting it into the hands of the right readers! Her advice is direct, actionable, and extremely valuable. She is the jet fuel for authors who want to get published and build a book-based business.

Jane Maulucci, author of "You Can Make a Living at That?"
Trained By Jane
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