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Simple & Solid Book Marketing Strategy

In personalized session I will help you build a simple and solid book marketing strategy to get your book noticed.

What is book marketing & why do you need it?

Book marketing is all about getting your book into the hands of people who can benefit from the information you want to share.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, books don’t sell themselves. Before any author can sell their book, they need to put together a clear and concise plan of action.

In our time together I show you how to develop strategies to target the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. You will leave with a simple solid plan of action to get started on your book marketing journey.

Areas covered include:

  • How to identify the right tools to market your book
  • How to avoid wasting time and money on unsuitable promotional techniques
  • How to become an expert in a niche market
  • How to exploit creative inexpensive or free marketing tools from unlikely sources
  • How to tap into one of the best, and often most overlooked places to launch your book
  • How to avoid making the top three common mistakes most authors make
  • And much more…

Investment: $250 (1 hour session over the phone where you can tap into Susan’s expertise)
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